Ride Fit offers the best indoor cycle training videos and DVDs available on the martket today.

The Ride Fit™ Digital Dashboard

Each Ride Fit™ indoor cycling or spin training workout video comes with an overlaid digital dashboard providing you with all the information you'll need to successfully complete your exercise program.

The example screen shot below shows you a typical layout of the digital dashboard. The screen shot comes from the Ride Fit™ title, Un Paseo En Bicicleta Perfecta. The actual configuration will depend on the specific workout video and the exercise goals of the training program.

The instructions on the digital dashboard allow you to control your virtual bike ride and have a great spinning workout whether you're a beginner or triathlete.

As you can see the simple on-screen digital dashboard shows you your critical ride information consisting of your target resistance setting, target cadence and perceived effort level. In addition there is a terrain profile with progress indicator that shows you where you are and what's coming next so you can pace your ride appropriately. Finally, a segment timer tells you how much time you have left at the current resistance/cadence setting, and the second timer provides a countdown to the end of the ride.

The target resistance setting informs you what resistance setting is recommended to be set on your spin bike or road bike/turbo trainer combination. To keep this simple, Ride Fit videos use no more than six resistance settings that fall into following categories:

Please consult the Ride Fit Training Guide or the following blog article, Resistance Settings For Your Indoor Cycle Bike or Bike / Trainer Combination on the best way to adjust your pedaling resistance for your exercise equipment.