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Featured Customer Spot - There's No Coasting Down Hills!!

By Simon Wilkinson-Blake, Ride Fit™ customer and new to indoor cycling

Simon participating in a sportive May 2013
PREFACE (Yafei Zhu, Ride Fit™ Customer Support): "Like so many of our customer interactions, we got to know Simon a little better after he asked about integrating our product with TrainerRoad and iMobileIntervals. Before long we're chatting away and hence this latest customer feature. Without wishing to steal Simon's thunder we wish him all the best for his recovery.

Now From The Man Himself

I'm new to indoor cycling, having been introduced to it reluctantly because I fell off my road bike a couple of months back and fractured my pelvis. My doctor has just cleared me to start eight weeks of indoor cycling before going back out on the open road.

So this is my indoor cycling setup:

Apart from the KICKR power cable and iPhone earbuds, the whole set up is wireless:

Before I started, I thought indoor cycling would be an easy option, but it's not. Unlike on the road, you're constantly working at some intensity or other, there's no coasting down hills!

Ride Fit™ Local Rollers + KICKR + TrainerRoad using 2012 Mac Air just brilliant! I'm now looking forward to trying my latest Ride Fit™ downloads, Alpine Challenge and Un Paseo En Bicicleta Perfecta.

Wahoo Fitness, TrainerRoad, Bianchi, CycleOps and Ride Fit all come together to make-up this awesome indoor cycling setup.

Wahoo Fitness, TrainerRoad, Bianchi, CycleOps and Ride Fit
All Come Together to Make-up This Awesome Indoor Cycling Setup