Ride Fit offers the best indoor cycle training videos and DVDs available on the martket today.

Ride Fit™ Joins SDSI - bringing together Southern California's vibrant sports economy

San Diego, CA, USA, June 5th, 2012

Ride Fit™, a leading supplier of virtual indoor cycle training videos, announces it has joined the San Diego Sport Innovators (www.sdsportinnovators.org), a non-profit trade organization that connects and drives the growth of Southern California's vibrant sports economy.

San Diego Sport Innovators (SDSI), which was formed in 2008 (initially as CONNECT SI), has its roots within CONNECT (www.connect.org). Since 1985, CONNECT has assisted in the formation and development of more than 2,000 companies and is widely regarded as the world's most successful regional program linking investors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for commercialization.

According to Gary Hawkins, Founder of Ride Fit™, "We are thrilled about joining SDSI, the frontrunner for collaboration, innovation, mentoring and business development across Southern California's sports industry. SDSI brings together over sixty companies focused on sports, fitness, well-being and fun, all with the common goal of enriching people's lives. The knowledge and experience of the SDSI Advisory Board is unparalleled, plus the networking, ongoing education and publicity opportunities this opens up to Ride Fit™ will allow us to build further on recent successes."

"Ride Fit™ is a fantastic alternative when I can't get out on the open road with my bike. It's simple yet realistic and effective interface makes it easy to use and so much more fun than just about anything other than being "out there" on your bike. Ride Fit to Live. Live to Ride Fit. Roll on forever, enjoy the ride. Where will our Ride Fit take us today---undoubtedly to the Promised Land. I'm dizzy with the possibilities", said Bill Walton, Executive Chairman of San Diego Sport Innovators.

Gary Hawkins further added, "Our first six months in business has seen many milestones. We now have a satisfied customer base that spans twenty-six countries. We've recently added two new training titles to our product line - both filmed in and around Madrid, Spain. We have also launched the first version of the Ride Fit™ Training Guide and have many more workout titles planned for the second half of the year."

About Ride Fit™

Making exercise enjoyable, entertaining and goal orientated is essential to keep people coming back for more. Ride Fit™ (www.ride-fit.com), an exciting series of virtual indoor cycle training videos, provides just such an environment for one of the best types of cardio workout available - indoor cycling. To provide the most realistic virtual cycling experience possible, Ride Fit videos are shot from the first person perspective using bike-mounted video cameras. Users will experience, as closely as can be achieved in an indoor environment, actually being there on the road.

Ride Fit™ is part of Sun Ray Solutions, Inc., which is based in San Diego, CA and is involved in media production, sports products and professional consulting services. Visit http://www.ride-fit.com or contact us at info@ride-fit.com for more information.

About SDSI

San Diego Sport Innovators, also known as SDSI (www.sdsportinnovators.org) is a non-profit, business accelerating, trade organization that connects and drives the growth of Southern California's vibrant sports economy by offering innovative programs and services for start-ups, mature companies and service providers. We offer mentoring, education and capital funding opportunities for start-ups; best practice collaboration, access to new technology and public policy advocacy for mature companies; as well as deal flow to our service providers and the Southern California investment community.

Visit www.sdsportinnovators.org or contact Lisa Freedman at lfreedman@connect.org or Renne Catalano at rcatalano@connect.org for more information.