Ride Fit offers the best indoor cycle training videos and DVDs available on the martket today.

Spice Up Your Indoor Cycling Workout with Ride Fit™ – a new series of indoor cycle training videos

San Diego, CA, USA, November 10th, 2011

Making exercise enjoyable, entertaining and goal orientated is essential to keep people coming back for more. Ride Fit (www.ride-fit.com), a new series of virtual indoor cycle training videos, provides just such an environment for one of the best types of cardio workout available – indoor cycling.

To provide the most realistic virtual cycling experience possible, Ride Fit videos are shot from the first person perspective. Users will experience, as closely as can be achieved in an indoor environment, actually being there on the road. A simple on-screen digital dashboard provides critical workout information (such as target resistance, cadence and effort) and a terrain profile with progress indicator shows the user where they are and what’s coming next so rides can be paced appropriately.

The Ride Fit training videos are downloadable and compatible with many types of media device including smart phones, tablets, computers and DVD players, allowing the user to workout anywhere they have access to (at home, at the gym, in a fitness room, etc.) an indoor cycle bike or bike/trainer combination. All Ride Fit videos are shot in stunning widescreen high-definition.

According to Gary Hawkins, Founder of Ride Fit, “We provide our customers with quality indoor cycle training videos at a price they can afford - approximately the cost of a lunchtime sandwich. We want our customers to feel they can come back week after week to build-up their exercise collection. There are currently five titles available at our website but we have plans for many more. In fact, one of our camera teams has just come back from filming in Madrid, Spain!”

Further, Gary pointed out that, “Since music is so important to most people working out, with every purchase of a Ride Fit title you actually get two video files; now that’s great value. One video file has a music backing track, in addition to the ride narration and audio alerts. The second video file has only narration and audio alerts allowing you to play your preferred selection of music in the background.”