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Looking For A New Turbo Trainer

Choosing a new turbo trainer can be a daunting task since their are so many, from so many different manufacturers. To make your task a little easier we'll tell you what bike we use at Ride Fit™ and provide you with a couple of great resources where you can do your own research.

Introduction To Turbo Trainers

We posted a brief article on the different types of turbo trainer in a recent blog posting. You can find this blog article here.

Which Turbo Trainer Do We Use At Ride Fit™?

We use and are very pleased with the performance of the Kurt By Kinetic Road Machine. This turbo trainer features a sealed fluid chamber with a magnetically coupled driveshaft, 6.25lb flywheel that provides a realistic coast down, a larger-than-average roller reduces tire wear, a highly stable Trapezoidal frame base, cone cups that ensure that your bike will never slip out of this trainer, a quick-release lock that allows easy, fast setup and removal of the rear wheel. It is compatible with all bikes with 22 - 29 in. diameter wheels and folds in half for easy transport and off-season storage. We put approximately 2000 miles of use on ours per year so it's capable of handling some serious punishment. It runs very quiet and creates typical wear on the rear tire associated with this type of trainer.

Turbo Trainer Reviews

Don't take our word for it. You can find some great reviews and information on a whole host of turbo trainers at one or more of the links below:

Picking The Right Turbo Trainer Is Only Part Of The Challenge!

According to a New York Times article:

Ride Fit™ workout videos will stop that turbo trainer collecting dust by providing a fun, entertaining and goal orientated environment to help you stay focused and motivated while working out. Our simple on-screen digital dashboard provides critical ride information (such as resistance, cadence and perceived effort) and a terrain profile with progress indicator shows the user where they are and whatís coming next so rides can be paced appropriately. To provide the most realistic virtual cycling experience possible, Ride Fit™ videos are shot from the first person perspective using bike-mounted video cameras. Users will experience, as closely as can be achieved in an indoor environment, actually being there on the road.