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Advanced Indoor Cycling Combo Pack

Screen shots from the Ride Fit live-action indoor cycle training workouts that form the Beginners Combo Pack.  Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos are suitable for use with a stationary bike, exercise bike, spin bike, spinning bike or turbo trainer.
The Advanced Combo Pack contains the Ride Fit™ titles Alpine Challenge, Un Paseo En Bicicleta Perfecta and ElliptiGO World Championships. This is ideal for intermediate to experienced riders with nearly four incredible hours of heart pounding workouts in one sweat inducing special package. Save 15% by buying the combo pack compared to purchasing these titles separately.
Downloadable Video: $28.87  

More information about the individual titles in this collection can be found below.

Alpine Challenge: Join the Descenders Cycling Club for the opening 17 miles of the Pine Valley Route of the 2011 Alpine Challenge. Shot in the mountains south of Alpine, CA this is an Advanced Ride that includes a Category 2 and Category 3 climb. Run time approx. 69 minutes. Learn more.
ElliptiGO World Championships: This unique training video is targeted at those working out on indoor cycling, as well as elliptical machines. You're put right in the middle of the action as a who's who of elite athletes compete to win The 2012 World Championships of Elliptical Biking. This Advanced workout has a run time of approximately 70 minutes. Learn more.
Un Paseo En Bicicleta Perfecta: Join riders Jose and Juan as they climb the Puerto de Navacerrada near the mountain town of Pradera de Navalhorno, Spain. This epic European climb and subsequent descent, often used in the Vuelta a Espana, winds through beautiful countryside where the road is covered in inspirational messages cheering on the likes of Contador, Wiggins and Sastre. A real sweat fest! Run time approx. 93 minutes. Learn more.

View Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos and DVD orders.