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California Indoor Cycling Combo Pack

Screen shots from the Ride Fit live-action indoor cycle training workouts that form the Beginners Combo Pack.  Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos are suitable for use with a stationary bike, exercise bike, spin bike, spinning bike or turbo trainer.
The California Combo Pack contains the Ride Fit™ titles Fiesta Island Fun, Miramar Lake Loops, Three Times Up, Three Ways Down, Local Rollers and Alpine Challenge. This collection provides Beginners through Advanced rides and is ideal foundation for any indoor cycle training program. Nearly five hours of great workouts in one special package - base your weekly training schedule on these five fun workouts. Save 20% by buying the combo pack compared to purchasing these titles separately.

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More information about the individual titles in this collection can be found below.

Fiesta Island Fun: A great Beginners ride targeted at improving aerobic capacity and burning fat. Ideally done in conjunction with using a heart rate monitor, begin to learn how your body reacts to changing load. If you don't have a heart rate monitor no worries; just follow the cadence guidelines. Run time approx. 45 minutes. Learn more.
Miramar Lake Loops: This is a great Beginners or Recovery Ride. Start your day with three easy loops around Miramar Lake joining runners, rollerbladers and other cyclist exercising before heading into the office. This ride is over mainly flat terrain and is ideal for aerobic base conditioning. Run time approx. 58 minutes. Learn more.
Local Rollers: Sometimes you just don't have the time to venture far from home. Join Eric, a local tri-athlete, for an undulating training ride around his local neighborhood. This is rated as an Intermediate Ride and features a number of rolling hills plus two Category 5 climbs. Run time approx. 59 minutes. Learn more.
Three Times Up, Three Ways Down: Organized in a traditional indoor cycling class format (i.e. short exercises punctuated with recovery breaks) this is a classic workout program set against film shot along the breathtaking route of the penultimate stage of the 2011 AMGEN Tour of California. Run time approx. 58 minutes. Learn more.
Alpine Challenge: Join the Descenders Cycling Club for the opening 17 miles of the Pine Valley Route of the 2011 Alpine Challenge. Shot in the mountains south of Alpine, CA this is an Advanced Ride that includes a Category 2 and Category 3 climb. Run time approx. 69 minutes. Learn more.
View Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos and DVD orders.