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HIIT Indoor Cycling Combo Pack

Screen shots from the Ride Fit live-action indoor cycle training workouts that form the Beginners Combo Pack.  Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos are suitable for use with a stationary bike, exercise bike, spin bike, spinning bike or turbo trainer.
The HIIT Combo Pack contains the Ride Fit™ titles Smokin' Joe, Master Blaster, Warrior and Pick It Up! This is a great collection for intermediate to experienced riders who are time crunched or want to add variety to their indoor cycling workout program. Nearly two and a half hours of great high-intensity interval training in one very special package. Save 20% by buying the combo pack compared to purchasing these titles separately.

Downloadable Video: $30.57  

More information about the individual titles in this collection can be found below.

Pick It Up! This workout focuses on high cadence, low resistance drills and is ideal for developing a high cadence riding technique that has been shown to lower fatigue and therefore improve overall performance, whether on the road or in the gym. Set to great interval training music from BodyRocker Fitness this workout is approximately 31 minutes in duration. Learn more.
Warrior: Another Body Rocker based high intensity interval training (HIIT) title, this Intermediate workout is suitable for indoor cycling as well as elliptical training. Watch ElliptiGO riders in California and Nevada power down the Las Vegas Strip, over the Hoover Dam or through sea breezes. Run time approx. 34 minutes. Learn more.
Master Blaster: Are you time constrained? If so, then try this Advanced high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Featuring great ride footage shot in California and Nevada you will ride through the Nevada Desert, alongside the Southern CA ocean and into the mountains, all in less than 40 minutes. Learn more.
Smokin' Joe: Go six rounds with this high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout and you'll think you'd gone head-to-head with the legendary Joe Frazier. Forty minutes will never fly past so quickly on your turbo trainer or spin bike. Experience spirited attacks, manic hill climbing and fast paceline action. Learn more.
View Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos and DVD orders.