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Alpine Challenge - Pine Valley Route

Category: Advanced Indoor Cycling Workout

Duration of Workout: 63 minutes

Total Run Time: 69 minutes

Intensity Level: 8/10
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Description: You're in for a workout; our route covers 17.9 miles in the beautiful countryside just south of Alpine, which is east of San Diego, in Southern California. The ride encompasses elevation changes of twenty two hundred feet, and our target is to burn around 850 calories. This is an "Advanced" ride so pace yourself appropriately.

The ride breaks nicely into three stages. Stage 1 takes us south from your start location, on a mainly downhill path through Harbison Canyon. You'll drop nearly 800ft in 6 miles, so enjoy the view. Beyond this the ride gets really challenging. Stage 2 includes a Category 3 climb that ascends nearly eight hundred feet in 3.2 miles before reaching a short downhill section near Loveland Reservoir that will allow you to recover before the final big push. Stage 3 is a 5 mile Category 2 climb during which you ascend a painful eleven hundred feet to your finishing point. It goes without saying, it's critical to pace yourself over both climbs.

If you're using a heart rate monitor aim to stay mainly in Zone 3, extending into Zone 4 on the hill climbs. The video has text-based workout instructions and the overlaid digital dashboard shows resistance, target cadence, perceived effort level and has an elevation profile showing you where you are and what's coming next.

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