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Fiesta Island Fun

Category: Beginners/Recovery Indoor Cycling Workout

Duration of Workout: 40 minutes

Total Run Time: 45 minutes

Intensity Level: 5/10
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Description: This is the first Ride Fit video to offer the capability of using heart rate training zones to determine the physicality of your effort during your workout session. If done in conjunction with the use of a heart rate monitor you will start to learn about how your body reacts to load. This video was also the first Ride Fit title to use both picture-in-picture and rear facing camera shots of the participating riders.

This workout utilizes a simple interval training pattern specifically targeted at maximizing weight loss and building aerobic base. Through the majority of the workout you'll be either at the top or bottom of Zone 3. If you want an intense tempo ride change your resistance mapping so you're working out in Zone 4. See the Ride Fit Training Guide relating to the concept of heart rate zones. Fiesta Island Fun has text-based instructions. The overlaid digital dashboard shows your percentage of maximum heart rate or target cadence for those not using a heart rate monitor. At the bottom of the screen is a heart rate (or cadence) profile so you can see your progress through the ride.

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