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Category: Intermediate Indoor Cycling Workout

Duration of Workout: 26 minutes

Total Run Time: 34 minutes

Intensity Level: 7/10

Description:This high intensity interval training (HIIT) title is an Intermediate indoor cycle training workout and is brought to you FREE to stream/watch (hosted via YouTube). Watch Challenged Athletes Foundation riders participating in a recent 2014 tour of South Africa. Containing both exciting road and mountain bike footage get a real feel for riding in this wonderful country.

If ridden as intended, this Ride Fit virtual training video workout is spent mainly in the high end of Zone 3 and Zone 4. See the Ride Fit™ Training Guide relating to the concepts of heart rate zones. Ride Fit™ Reflections uses text-based instructions and audio alerts, plus an overlaid digital dashboard showing your target resistance, target cadence, perceived effort level. The dashboard also has a segment timer and shows the time to the end of your workout.

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