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Smokin' Joe

Advanced Indoor Cycling Workout Video

Duration of Workout: 35 minutes

Total Run Time: 43 minutes

Target Cadence Range: 60 - 100rpm

Primary Workout Zones: Threshold, VO2 Max

Intensity Level: 9/10
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Description: Go six rounds with this high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout and you'll think you'd gone head-to-head with the legendary Joe Frazier. Forty minutes will never fly past so quickly on your turbo trainer or spin bike.

Featuring varied scenery from around the country and some great rear facing ride footage, experience spirited attacks, manic hill climbing and fast paceline action. If ridden as intended this workout is spent mainly in the high end of Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5. See the Ride Fit Training Guide relating to the concepts of heart rate zones. The Smokin' Joe workout is synchronized to heart pumping seamless music provided by Body Rocker Fitness, uses text-based instructions and audio alerts. The overlaid digital dashboard shows your resistance, target cadence, perceived effort level, time to the end of your workout and also has a individual segment timer.

Downloadable Video: $8.99  

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