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Un Paseo En Bicicleta Perfecta

Category: Advanced Indoor Cycling Workout

Duration of Workout: 93 minutes

Total Run Time: 98 minutes

Intensity Level: 9/10
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Description: This is the longest workout currently offered by Ride Fit . The first thirty minutes of this workout are dominated by two very challenging hill climbs. Your heart rate will rise rapidly and you'll need to manage your expended energy during this section in order to successfully get through the long tempo segment that follows. After completing the two hill climbs, the rest of the ride is over rolling terrain that climbs gently towards the finishing point. This allows your heart rate to become relatively stable during this extended tempo section.

If you're using a heart rate monitor you're going to be working mainly in Zone 4, likely entering Zone 5 at the latter part of the hill climb when you "attack" a local rider who has been trying to race you up the mountain. To make this workout easier see the Ride Fit Training Guide for suggestions relating to chosen resistance mapping. The video has text-based instructions with audio alerts. The overlaid digital dashboard shows resistance, target cadence, perceived effort level, has a segment timer, a timer that counts down to the end of the ride, and an elevation profile showing you where you are and what's coming next.

Downloadable Video: $11.99  

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