Ride Fit offers the best indoor cycle training videos and DVDs available on the market today.

For Gyms / Fitness Studios

Ride Fit™ workout videos are licensed for Individual and Public Display environments, such as in a gym, fitness center, at an event or any commercial group training session. Commercial users are required to purchase one copy of each video for every instance of use. Thus, if you have individual video displays on twenty indoor cycling bikes you are required to purchase twenty copies of each title - one for each bike. However, if you're using a central TV display screen(s) you only need to purchase one copy per screen.

Ride Fit™ workout videos can be used by an indoor cycling instructor to spice up and motivate their class. For a fitness center owner, displaying Ride Fit™ videos when no indoor cycling classes are taking place will attract people into your cycling room and provide them with relevant workout images. If you want to use Ride Fit™ workouts in a public display environment utilizing very large screens (greater than 60 inches) please contact us to discuss the limitations of our product.

Affiliate Program

As a fitness professional or club, you might also be interested to know that Ride Fit offers a generous Affiliate program. With this program, earn extra revenue by featuring Ride Fit™ on your website. To learn more, please contact us at info@ride-fit.com.