Ride Fit offers the best indoor cycle training videos and DVDs available on the market today.

Ride Fit™ "Tried and Tested" Accessories

Being keen indoor cyclists ourselves, plus with all the work we do testing the Ride Fit™ workout videos, we've come across some really great indoor cycling and cross training products and accessories. We don't sell these products directly but the links below will allow you to purchase our "Tried and Tested" recommendations through Amazon, subject to Amazon's terms and conditions.

Turbo Trainers

The Road Machine is our go-to turbo trainer. We've put thousands and thousands of miles on our green goddess.

This turbo trainer offers a extremely stable platform and operates very quietly. Featuring a 6.25-pound (2.84kg) flywheel and a completely sealed fluid resistance unit that won't leak, you get a consistent road-like feel and resistance curve. The 2.5in (6.35cm) in diameter tire roller is made of stainless steel and its size means less wear on your tire. We know riders who've had these over ten years without a problem - this will be your indoor cycling buddy for life. While this trainer is a little more expensive than some, in our opinion it is definately worth the extra money.

Want to take your indoor ride even further then the Rock n Roll machine is definitely for you. This bad boy allows you to engage your core muscles while you maintain balance, and you get that natural side-to-side motion when you put the power down or you're out of the saddle.

The Rock n Roll turbo trainer delivers the excellent rolling resistance we've come to expect from Kinetic by Kurt. It is well-designed and made but you do need to make sure everything is tight to avoid the possibility of the rear wheel touching the ground.

We have to say not everyone likes the rocking motion and our team generally prefers the Road Machine due to its overall stability.


So a riser is not the sexiest of indoor cycling accessories but it is necessary. And yes, you could use a couple of old phone books but we don't recommend it. It's much better to use a specifically designed riser that securely cradles your front wheel (hence stopping it turning from side-to-side) and this one is just what the doctor ordered.

Made from a single and very durable piece of PVC, it offers four heights to fine tune your ride position (.5", 1", 1.5" and 2") and will fit tires up to 2.25" wide. It has a lifetime warranty and we have several in the Ride Fit™ video workout test area.

Keep the sweat out from your eyes with the Halo II headband. The headquarters for this great product is just down the road from us and we're proud to have another local company in our "Tried and Tested" section.

Featuring Sweat Block Technology, a patented rubber strip in the forehead area that diverts sweat away from your eyes and face. This non-tie stretch sweatband fits most heads (up to 7 1/4" hat sizes). It's a great way to make your indoor cycling workout much more enjoyable. Also, it fits great under a cycling helmet - so you'll be using it on the road as well. I can tell you our Founder never goes out on his road bike without one. Available in a great range of colors.

Monitoring Electronics and Accessories

This ANT+ USB stick plugs into your computer's USB port so you can wirelessly transfer data to your computer from an appropriate Garmin cycling computer or monitor devices like the Garmin GSC 10 speed/cadence sensor and Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor when running an application like TrainerRoad.

If you use it in a laptop that you carry between your workout area and home office we recommend you remove the stick as it does protrude a little and you can easily knock it on a door frame.

All of our computers running TrainerRoad are equipped with this great performing Garmin ANT+ USB stick.

The GSC 10 sensor allows you to monitor your cadence (pedaling strokes per minute) as well as your speed. Use it with a package like TrainerRoad, or appropriate cycling computer to get real-time measurements or store your biometric results for later analysis.

The kit comes in three basic parts; a sensor unit, which is about the size of a matchbox, and two small magnets. Several zip-ties are included for mounting purposes; rubber padding on the bottom of the sensor unit ensures you won't mark your bike frame.

This ANT+ unit is self-calibrating and easily attaches to your cycle. It comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

We have a number of these ANT+ heart rate monitor (HRM) straps - surprisingly no one wants to share!

No heart rate strap is going to last forever but these seem to do pretty well considering how much our team members use them. This HRM has a soft fabric strap that is adjustable from 21" to 29.5" (533.4 mm to 749.3 mm).

Best results will be achieved if this, like any other, heart rate strap is used with an appropriate Electrode Gel (see our "Tried and Tested" recommendation below).

One 8.5oz tube of this and you'll be set for the year unless there's an army of you fighting to get on the turbo trainer!

This is a salt-free hypoallergenic Electrode Gel for use with heart rate straps and similar devices. It is used by all our staff since it ensures we get the most accurate measurements from our heart rate monitors and it's not too cold to the touch!


The LifeSpan TR1200-DT treadmill desk is an excellent addition to your keep fit arsenal if you do a lot of work sitting down. The treadmill is a commercial quality product - solid, well designed and rugged. On the negative side, there are some minor shortcomings with the monitoring electronics including step counting accuracy, no heart rate integration and no smart phone application.

With a little practice it becomes surprisingly easy to type while walking. Browsing the Internet or reading an article is a cinch.

If you're looking for a treadmill desk, the things that need to work, do work very well. It saves us sitting for hours, allows you to burn an extra couple of hundred calories a day, and will do wonders for your overall wellbeing.