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Cross-Training Workouts

Ride Fit™ offers the World's first live-action training videos designed for the elliptical trainer and ElliptiGO bike used in combination with a turbo trainer. Elliptical training is a great low-impact cardio exercise, and if you're an indoor cyclist cross-training on an elliptical machine can be a valuable tool to help improve fitness, promote recovery, enhance motivation, rehabilitate injuries, get a break from formal training and enjoy participating in another sport.

Further, if you want to undertake your indoor cycling workout in a unique live-action environment then these dual purpose workout videos are also ideal when used with traditional indoor cycle training equipment such as a stationary bike or road bike/turbo trainer combination.

Cross-Training Indoor Cycling/Elliptical Workouts

Want to undertake your indoor cycling workout in a unique live-action environment, or cross train using an elliptical trainer, then checkout our two dual purpose workout videos that are suitable for use with a stationary bike, bike/turbo trainer combination, elliptical machine or ElliptiGO/turbo trainer combination.

ElliptiGO World Championships: This unique training video is targeted at those working out on indoor cycling, as well as elliptical machines. You're put right in the middle of the action as a who's who of elite athletes compete to win The 2012 World Championships of Elliptical Biking. This Advanced workout has a run time of approximately 70 minutes. Learn more.
Downloadable Video: $11.99  
DVD: $21.99  
Warrior: Another Body Rocker based high intensity interval training (HIIT) title, this Intermediate workout is suitable for indoor cycling as well as elliptical training. Watch ElliptiGO riders in California and Nevada power down the Las Vegas Strip, over the Hoover Dam or through sea breezes. Run time approx. 34 minutes. Learn more.
Downloadable Video: $8.99  
DVD: $18.99    
View Ride Fit indoor cycle training videos and DVD orders.