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Character Forms in the Face of Adversity

By Yafei Zhu, Ride Fit™ Customer Support

After chatting several times with Dan (a new Ride Fit™ customer), I was reminded of a quote from Oprah Winfrey that appeared in O Magazine a few years ago, "People never fail to amaze me. They face the unimaginable with a shot of grace and a rush of adrenaline; they steel their nerves; they summon their cool or anger or faith or whatever it takes to pull them through, and they go onto live another day".

Dan's tale is one such story and inspires us not to give up in the face of adversity.

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There's No Coasting Down Hills!!

By Simon Wilkinson-Blake, Ride Fit™ Customer

Simon participating in a sportive May 2013
PREFACE (Yafei Zhu, Ride Fit™ Customer Support): "Like so many of our customer interactions, we got to know Simon a little better after he asked about integrating our product with TrainerRoad and iMobileIntervals. Before long we're chatting away and hence this latest customer feature. Without wishing to steal Simon's thunder we wish him all the best for his recovery.

Now From The Man Himself

I'm new to indoor cycling, having been introduced to it reluctantly because I fell off my road bike a couple of months back and fractured my pelvis. My doctor has just cleared me to start eight weeks of indoor cycling before going back out on the open road.

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The Technion Sports Club

By Gary J. Hawkins, Founder, Ride Fit™

When I originally thought of a "Featured Club" spot for the Ride Fit™ blog I was thinking of road cycling clubs. That being said, recently The Technion Sports Club has been trialing our product in a new indoor cycling area in their fitness facility. Located in Haifa Israel, The Technion is one of the world's leading technical universities with some thirty-thousand students studying for degrees and doctorates in science, engineering and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and education.

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Being HIM Ready!

By John Kaufmann, Ride Fit™ Customer and Ultra Weekender

The odd thing about my training is the fact that I have never participated in an official event. When my family is away visiting Grandma (Bachelor Ultra Weekend) I'm a loner, out on my own at 3am for unsanctioned 50 km trail runs or solo back-to-back century days on Friday night and Saturday morning.

The process started about 5 years ago after I was fed-up with being out of shape and fat. I was happy with my life but knew there was much more out there. At the behest of a co-worker and, of course, my awesome wife I began my journey from 250lbs down to 170lbs.

After suffering through some dreadful and dangerous winter rides in North Illinois, I decided I needed to bring it inside and buy a stationary bike and/or trainer.

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Toby Wells YMCA Bike-A-Thon

By Gary J. Hawkins, Founder, Ride Fit™

On Saturday February 2nd 2013 we attended the Toby Wells YMCA who hosted a 10 hour BIKE-A-THON. The Toby Wells YMCA is one of a number of YMCAs in San Diego County. This BIKE-A-THON raises money to promote sports participation for the less fortunate in the community. Part of the money raised goes to people who would not normally be able to afford having their children take part in activities such as swimming lessons, summer camps, youth basketball, and so on. Part of the money goes to fund the YMCA Outreach program. This program offers physical education to local schools that lack the funding and resources to provide PE as part of the school curriculum. The YMCA buses students from six different Elementary schools to their facility and each child receives swim, gymnastics, and fitness lessons. Each child also receives a free youth membership for a year, at the completion of the program.

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Sandringham and West Norfolk Cyclists

By Gary J. Hawkins, Founder, Ride Fit™

It's funny sometimes how a customer service enquiry, leads to a conversation, leads to finding out that several riders within the Sandringham and West Norfolk Cyclists (SWNC) are using Ride Fit™ videos to maintain winter conditioning, and all of a sudden you're thinking of a "Featured Club" spot on the website.

Fellow Ride Fit™ users please meet the Sandringham and West Norfolk Cyclists.

SWNC Members Enjoy Watching The 1st Stage of the Tour of Britain 2012.

SWNC Members Enjoying Stage 1 of the 2012 Tour of Britain

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Cycling at CES 2013

By Gary J. Hawkins, Founder, Ride Fit™

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the most anticipated tradeshows of the year. Held each January in the Las Vegas Convention Center over 3,000 exhibitors showcase a wide range of innovative products. With all the buzz the show is creating, we'd thought we'd look at some new and exciting cycling related products.

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Surviving Shark Tank

By Gary J. Hawkins

In my blog article, The Benefits of Cross Training, I discussed why many sports professionals believe that cross training can be effective for a lot of athletes. It potentially helps to address a number of issues including the rehabilitation of injuries, improving overall fitness, promoting recovery, enhancing motivation, getting a break from formal training and experiencing the enjoyment of participating in another sport.

Thus, when I was recently introduced via e-mail to Stephan Aarstol from Tower Paddle Boards I jumped at the opportunity to join him for lunch at one of the cool bar/eateries in Pacific Beach, CA - the Cass Street Bar & Grill. Not only was I interested in hearing about Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), which is one of the fastest growing water sports in the USA, but I wanted to learn more about this highly successful serial Internet entrepreneur.

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The ElliptiGO

By Gary J. Hawkins, Ride Fit Founder

As you may have seen earlier in the week, we announced the launch of the world's first outdoor live action elliptical training video in conjunction with ElliptiGO. I'm sure some of you had not heard of the ElliptiGO prior to this announcement so I'd thought I'd introduce the product. I've personally ridden this bike a number of times and can tell you it's a lot of fun and a great workout. Unlike a conventional road bike, it won't get you from A to B as fast as possible on two wheels (although it goes up hills like a whippet). It is designed to be a cross-training device. So what is the ElliptiGO all about?

Example of an ElliptiGO bike, model 8C in Orange.

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Virtual Indoor Cycle Training Videos for Individual Cyclists

By Gary Hawkins, Ride Fit Founder

Indoor cycling came about in 1987, when Jonathan Goldberg (aka Johnny G), a South African-born cyclist, installed a handful of stationary bikes in his garage, devised a training program to simulate outdoor riding and invited cycling friends to join him as he trained for cross-country bike races.

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