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Keys To The Indoor Trainer

By Greg C. Moriates, Guest Contributor, Athlete and Coach

We all love the change of seasons. Fall brings us a beautiful backdrop of leafs changing color, cooler temperatures and less humidity. These are perfect riding conditions. But wait-a-minute! For the cyclist, that also means less daylight = less outdoor riding = TRAINER HELL!

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and repeat after me, "IT IS GOING TO BE OK - THE TURBO TRAINER IS MY FRIEND!  IT IS GOING TO BE OK - THE TURBO TRAINER IS MY FRIEND!

Now that we've got that out of the way. Let's face the fact that most of us do not live in an area that we can ride outside all the time. Therefore, we have to switch our training from the outdoors to the indoors were we secure our rear wheel to a turbo trainer and put in numerous hours of focused training.

In reality, indoor trainer rides are important year round if you are serious about improving speed, strength, muscular endurance and power. The athletes that I coach are on the indoor trainer twelve months a year. There is no better training method that will allow you to put the uncontrollable variables such as weather and terrain on the side burner and stay focused on the training session on hand.

There is a saying that many of you've already heard, its, "EMBRACE THE SUCK". When it comes to the indoor trainer, embracing the suck brings you to the New Year, stronger, faster, and ready for a personal best.

In order to get the best out of your indoor training:

  1. Clean an area where your bike, your best friend, will be staged for the cold season;
  2. Put up some visual cues such as finisher medals, race registrations, goals, etc. that will keep your mind focused on the goal at hand;
  3. If possible place a table near your bike to hold your nutrition and fluids. Alternatively, use your bottle holder and jersey pockets;
  4. Plan the night before what your goal and purpose of the sessions will be and stage your area (nutrition, shorts, etc.). Will you be working on technique, power, climbing or time trialing;
  5. Blast the music, watch movies or use great virtual training programs such as Ride Fit™;
  6. Oh and remember, set up a fan (or not) but bring a towel with you to your trainer sessions - you will need it.

Wahoo Fitness, TrainerRoad, Bianchi, CycleOps and Ride Fit all come together to make-up this awesome indoor cycling setup.

An Example of an Awesome Indoor Training Setup Courtesy of Simon Wilkinson-Blake.

Till the next time, "get on your trainer, stay focused and master the task at hand. Indoor training over the colder months will help you achieve your goals for next season including improving your mental strength.

About Greg

Greg C. Moriates has over 10 years training, racing and coaching in the multisport arena. He is the owner of GCM Endurance (www.GCMendurance.com) focusing on quality training, coaching, camps and nutritional analysis at affordable prices; owner of Triathlon Training Blueprint (www.TriathlonTrainingBluePrint.com) giving the athlete the tools, knowledge and motivation to build their own training programs for an Epic season; and owner of Xtreme Multisports (www.XtremeMultisports.com) bringing the fun back to multisports clubs and teams without all the rules. Find out more about Greg C. Moriates on his personal blog at (www.GregMoriates.com).